Room diffuser refill
Room diffuser refill

Room diffuser refill

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My first 3 favorite vapors I'll hereby share with you...

Moon spoon

Unicorn water

Astronaut candy

All scents are the essence of clean, fresh - with a hint of will undoubtedly LOVE them all - just as much as I do!

All of this goes without saying - but if ever in doubt, read your precautions right here:

Our entire home fragrance should always be kept out of reach of children and pets!

Do NOT ingest!

Seek doctor’s advice, if an accident occurs.

Do not light your room diffuser or your room spritz – the liquids are flammable.

Always handle the diffuser & room spritz liquids, with great caution – protect your hands and surroundings.

Do not place your diffuser directly onto polished, painted, plastic or leather surface - or on electrical equipment’s, as accidental spillage, may cause damage to certain materials.


Please be cautious if you or your loved ones, are suffering from allergies.

Best used within 12 months upon opening.

Most importantly ENJOY honey!